Once upon a Time ...

Darabgerd city, from Parthian era.
Nothing is visible from this perfect circular city except the "natural-man made" place in the middle of the it. Everything is still under the ground.
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Architecture Within

Atashkadeh-ie Ardeshir (Ardeshir's Firetemple), Firuzabad.
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A candle burning in Sheikh Yousof Sarvestani's mausoleum in Sarvestan, Fars.
December 2008.






Isfanan the City of Light

This is the title of a book by the late professor B. A. Shirazi, and it's true. The great mosque of Isfahan, namely Masjid-e Jame' 'Abbasi or Masjid-e Shah is thirsty for light to come into it and brings life inside.Light as the giver of all life as the late architect, Louis I. Kahn said.
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Soon to be blossoms

This is about small big things in our world.
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They grow

These are young, fresh, and full of life, that's why they grow.
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Reaching there

I was looking at the landscape when I noticed a woman passing. She was walking steadily and strong in a more or less fast pace and with short steps.
Suddenly I saw her again coming towards me in the winding road much sooner than I could expect... Now it's just a memory.
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Breeze and waiting for the breeze ... that is nothing but the essence of love.
I had a very beautiful comment under my previous post (Waitnig for a breeze) which was a verse of a poem by Hafiz of Shiraz:
صبا ز منزل جانان گذر دريغ مدار
which can be translated into English as:
O' East Wind do not withdraw the home of the beloved
Here I well remember another couplet of the same poem:
به شکر آن که شکفتی به کام بخت ای گل
نسیم وصل ز مرغ سحر دریغ مدار
To thank your blossoming cheerfully, O' Flower
Do not withdraw the breeze of re-joining from the dawn-bird.
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I have no idea why is that when I am browsing through my selected pictures for this blog, I go right to the pictures which have something to do with "waiting".
May be I am waiting for something, myself. Or may be it's because everywhere you can find something about waiting, looking forward to.
Can you stand or imagine a life without waiting? Yet most people run away from waiting.
The last two pictures where from Abarkouh and this is from the bazaar of Yazd.
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Waiting for a breeze

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We were outside but I thought that we were not together,
but I found that we are under the same sky, and together. I think that my friend knew it before me.
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Dancing lightly

Have you ever seen a dancer as light as light? As swift as light? As elegant as light? As punctual as light? As careful as light? And as masterful as light?
Light dances so masterfully with all things that makes us dance with them too all by our heart.
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