Call of eternity

مرگ اگر مرد است گو نزد من آى‏
تا در آغوشش بگيرم تنگ تنگ
من از او جانى ستانم جاودان‏
او ز من دلقى ستاند رنگ رنگ
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Stone lions [2]

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Stone lions

My last trip to Khuzestan was wonderful. For a long time I wished to see the famous stone statues on the graves of Bakhtiari or Qashqai brave men.
My wish came true finally.
They are wonderful. Some of them are standing and the others sitting lions. Most of the statues in this cemetery were about 100 year old.
I will post more of them.
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A brilliant design

I loved the stairs of Kheyrabad Madrassa (Kheyrabad Qal'a-Madrassa) near Behbahan. It is simply a "brilliant design" as we tend to call it today. It is a natural answer to the question of moving beween two levels, hence its natural beauty.

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Lotus for Nowruz

I am not sure if there is a certain relationship between Iranian Nowruz (first day of the year) and lotus flowers but there is a mental relationship there for me. Lotus a symbol of love and being and becoming has much in common with Iranian Nowruz.
Here two lotuses in love for all my friends, happy new year all Iranians and happy Nowruz to everyone.

Three lotuses

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Guide me

مفتاح هدایتم تو دادی / آنگه در اهلیت گشودم
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Closed cafe

She was comfortably sitting behind a cafe window, waiting for the rain to be finished.
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Seen & scene

Tekiye-ye Amir-Chaxmaq in Yazd, seen and scene.
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Orossi (also orssi) in Rassoolian's mansion in Yazd.
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Eqbal Textile Factory

I had the opportunity to visit Eqbal Textile factory in Yazd. The building was finished in 1934 and now it is restored into a technology and industry park. Poor Isfahan that host her even more articulated and more prestigious textiles factories next to Zayandeh-Roud banks.
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A Sara in Yazd Bazar

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