Young shepherds and their herd

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Shadorvan, poor Shadorvan!
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As I'm planning to be in Shushtar tomorrow until Friday, I was reviewing my old pictures. I took this picture on my last formal trip to Shushtar. While I was discussing about conservation strategies with my colleagues in Watermills area, I noticed these boys calling and waving hands, saying "take our picture". That's what I did, not a brilliant one, but as far as I could do.
But I loved the memory.
Will they see their picutres?
Hope so.
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Up to the eternity

Posted by Picasa A gravestone in the same cemetery in which I shot Stone Lion.

Desire to see

سنگ شکاف می‌کند در هوس لقای تو / جان پر و بال می‌زند در طرب هوای تو
آتش آب می‌شود عقل خراب می‌شود / دشمن خواب می‌شود دیده من برای تو
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Masjid-Soleiman seen from Sarmasjid area.
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Redbud [2]

These pictures were shot during Nowruz and as you can see after a long spring shower.
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Begonia [2]

Two more shots of my Begonia.
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Shahzadeh-Qassem tomb in Mahrouban Port

Mahrouban is the old name of the current Imamzadeh Shah Abdollah Port near Deilam Port (Bandar-e Deilam). We were so lucky to find the historic port which we heard of its name only in historical books.
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So green

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This was shot near the previous one. Water flow creates a tremendous roar and a strong breeze.
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I found this small copse flower in the watermills of Shushtar by the wall. The roaring of water falling sevaral meters down and the breez it created in the room creaed a contrast that is not present in this picture.
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Estabraq (Calotropis procera)?

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Mostofi House, Shushtar

The gone and the coming

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Hiding behind a camera

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