Water stream

One of the streams out of Takht-e Soleyman deep lake. Water over flow is 90 lit/sec, which means the pressure of the spring, which is 105 meters below water level, is amazing.
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لبان لعل چون خون کبوتر / سواد زلف چون پَرِّ پرستو
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Kool Farah

One of the several Elamite inscriptions in Kool Farah, Izeh.
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Ode to the demure

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Xong-e Ajdar (Khong-e Azhdar)

This is one of my first HDR tries. I have included the original version too.
Xong-e Ajdar is an Elamite archeological site near Izeh, Khuzestan.
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Ray of light

برخیز که جان است و جهان است و جوانی
خورشید برآمد بنگر نورفشانی
ــ مولانا
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Silence is ...

... not not-saying anything.
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Takht-e Soleyman Morning

سر چو آه عاشقان برکرد صبح / عطر آتش زای برکرد صبح
از شرار آه مشتاقان دل / آتش عنبرفشان برکرد صبح
بر قواره‌ی ماه سحری کرد چرخ / تا سر از خواب گران برکرد صبح
تا کند سیمین قواره در زمین / سر ز جیب آسمان برکرد صبح
خواب چشم ساقیان بست آشکار / دود رنگین کز نهان برکرد صبح
ز آتشی کافتاد از حراق شب / شمع در صحرای جان برکرد صبح

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Inevitable Cliché

Shot a few days ago in a park in Tehran. The fall of the leaves is strange, although beautiful.
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Enigma [2]

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Another House in Mayan Village

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Two middle and corner wood pillar capitals (in Chinu village, near Gorgan).
They look simple but they represent a highly developed "system" of architectonic thought.
I am sure a good architect like Le Corbusier would have appreciated such a system.
But as he has said, we have "eyes that don't see". Now we are able to develop his idea of "seeing" beyond its tectonic limits, but we architects seem to be more blind than ever.
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One of the many mysterious stone statues near Khalid-Nabi tomb (East of Nanli).
The site is believed to be sacred among Turkman people. Some people believe that they are grave-stone.
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Safavid Madrasa in Gorgan

Three more view from within and over its courtyard.
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