attentio oo o oo o oo nnn!

Another picture from last year's national day in Switzerland. The man shouted "attention" with a special melody. I loved the melody over the word. It reminded me the "song" (if you can call it a song ofcourse) of the peddlers used to pass near our home when I was a child. That's why through the day I just listened to this man's song (attentio oo o oo o oo nnn) and never paid attention to its message so I was frightened each time!
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Swiss National Day (Aug. 1st)

Taken at Musée des Suisses dans le Monde. I had the opportunity to take part in the interesting event on Aug. 1st, 2008. For this year's event please visit the official Musée des Suisses dans le Monde page in Facebook and the event album. Perhaps you wish to becaome a fan of the interesting museum in beautiful domaine du Château de Penthes!
I'll post more photos of this event later.
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