This sad sky, In Memory of Parviz Meshkatian

Today Parviz Meshkatian, a great songwriter, artist, and compser passed away in the age of 54. He was one of my favorite artists and I feel very sad now after hearing about the news. I do believe that he has made several all time memorable masterpieces.
هر شب ستاره‌اي به زمين مي‌کشند و باز،
اين آسمان غم‌زده غرق ستاره‌هاست
مطلب زیبایی را دربارۀ او اینجا بخوانید.
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Yet one more young face

She tried to hide as soon as I pointed my camera on her and started to jump when I pretended that I have given up! Nice game!
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Young faces at Swiss National Day, Geneva 2008.

More pictures from Swiss National Day (Aug. 1st) as I promissed before. This time I have picked a few young faces from the event!

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Offering to life [2]

This is my second post with this title, an it was what came to my mind when shooting this picture. I can't think of anything else when I'm next to this tenderness.

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