Just walking

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The eastern facade if the 7-story masonary mansion from Safavid period in Isfahan.  Posted by Picasa


Row of soldiers in Persepolis

Row of Parsian and Median soldiers in a relief in Persepolis.  Posted by Picasa

Naqsh-e-Rostam, near Shiraz

A relief from Sassanid period showing Valerianus (died after 260AD), the Roman emprore who was captivated with some 70000 of the Roman army, in Edessa by the Persian army. The emprore is asking for mercy from Shapur the Great. Posted by Picasa


Vakil Hammam in Shiraz

An internal view of Vakil Hammam (bath) in Shiraz which today is used as a restaurant (it's a pitty). Posted by Picasa


Light on ceramic tiles

Light cast on ceramic tiles in Shah-Mosque (Masjid-e-Shah) in Isfahan. You can see two more posts from the same monument in my previous posts (Reflection and The entrance hall of Shah-Mosque in Isfahan). Posted by Picasa


Sheikh-Lotfollah Mosque; Isfahan

Detail of the ceramic work in the entrance portal of the Mosque.  Posted by Picasa


Ali-Qapu Palace; Isfahan

An upward view of the small dome in the entrance hall of Ali-Qapu palace in Isfahan.  Posted by Picasa