The ages

Layers of construction and re-construction in a historic monument (Saveh Jame-Mosque). Each layer represents a generation who has succeeded in realizing his own ideas in a single monument in relation with what has gone in the past. I think we modern architects cannot add anything to this great phenomenon.
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White pigeon and colorful tiles

I have already posted a few shots of the pigeons of Shah-Mosque, Isfahan. I was busy taking pictures of them for more than an hour in my last trip to Isfahan. I am going to post more of them.
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In the mist

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Birds near the pool

Birds near the pool in the middle of Shah-Mosque in Isfahan. Posted by Picasa



I managed to shoot this yesterday. I'm still not familiar with night shots. Posted by Picasa



A bridge (Lashkar) which is also a barrage and a mausoleum (Imamzadeh Abdollah) next to it making part of one of the old gates of the city. Posted by Picasa

Wet net! [2]

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Wet net!

A spider's net revealed on a rainy day. Posted by Picasa


Heaven on earth

I was on a short trip to a very beautiful place. I'll post more of it later. Posted by Picasa


Saveh mosque

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Pomegranate blossoms in Saveh

Pomegranate blossoms on a tree in the middle of Masjid-e-Jame (Great Mosque) of Saveh. Posted by Picasa

A mosque in Zanjan

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Wheat farm

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Shushtar watermills [2]

A panoramic view from the opposite side (i.e south to west). Posted by Picasa


This is not my picture. It was taken by an American archeologist in 1935. You can see the watermills complex from my previous post in the lower-middle part of the picture. As you can see the water comes from the river.  Posted by Picasa


Historic Watermills, Shushtar

The historic watermills of Shushtar are said to be from mid-Sassanid era (i.e. about 200 AD).  Posted by Picasa

Shushtar-No'w [2]

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Shushtar-No'w (New-Shushtar)

Shushtar-No'w (verbally meaning New-Shushtr) is a new district built next to the historic Shushtar, This award winning scheme is turned into a ghetto by its residences, I will post more of Shushtar later.

I have updated my friend's new photoblog address (nay-o-ney). He is a very good photographer.
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