The Day After (14 th of Farvardin)

This is the same place after sizdah-be-dar. Garbage, garbage everywhere .... unfortunately. Posted by Picasa


Sizdah-Be-Dar in North of Iran

This is a view of Sizdah-Be-Dar in North of Iran (Shomal). People came one by one in their cars -small or big. Every body seemed to enjoy a lot. Children were playing while their parents cooked and prepared kebab. Un fortunately, when people left, the scene changed into a trash yard. Posted by Picasa

Ahwaz Bridge (2)

This is my second post of Ahwaz Bridge. Posted by Picasa


He brought some good news for me. Posted by Picasa


View from Balcony

Two young ladies passing by in the rural lane. Posted by Picasa


A Small Beautiful Flower

I like to shoot flowers growing all by themselves in nature. I noticed this small one quite close to where I shot my previous post.
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My first post

Ahwaz suspended bridge which spans Karun.  Posted by Picasa