Isfanan the City of Light

This is the title of a book by the late professor B. A. Shirazi, and it's true. The great mosque of Isfahan, namely Masjid-e Jame' 'Abbasi or Masjid-e Shah is thirsty for light to come into it and brings life inside.Light as the giver of all life as the late architect, Louis I. Kahn said.
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Soon to be blossoms

This is about small big things in our world.
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They grow

These are young, fresh, and full of life, that's why they grow.
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Reaching there

I was looking at the landscape when I noticed a woman passing. She was walking steadily and strong in a more or less fast pace and with short steps.
Suddenly I saw her again coming towards me in the winding road much sooner than I could expect... Now it's just a memory.
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Breeze and waiting for the breeze ... that is nothing but the essence of love.
I had a very beautiful comment under my previous post (Waitnig for a breeze) which was a verse of a poem by Hafiz of Shiraz:
صبا ز منزل جانان گذر دريغ مدار
which can be translated into English as:
O' East Wind do not withdraw the home of the beloved
Here I well remember another couplet of the same poem:
به شکر آن که شکفتی به کام بخت ای گل
نسیم وصل ز مرغ سحر دریغ مدار
To thank your blossoming cheerfully, O' Flower
Do not withdraw the breeze of re-joining from the dawn-bird.
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